UPS Zone Custom Rates

UPS Zone Custom Rates

Simplify your custom shipping rates with UPS zones

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Our UPS Zone Custom Rates extension enables you to define your custom shipping rates in terms of UPS shipping zones. Using UPS zones over zipcodes or states gives you a less complex CSV file – meaning less time and money spent on maintaining your shipping rules.

With UPS Zone Custom Rates you can customize your shipping rates according to any combination of UPS shipping zone, cart subtotal, weight and quantity rules.

When a customer places an order, the extension retrieves the UPS zone that matches the destination address and calculates shipping based on the UPS zone and your custom shipping rules.

A full list of UPS Zones can be found on the UPS Website.

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  • Fully Open Source
  • Support CE, PE, EE
  • Supports all Magento versions back to CE 1.4
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