FedEx Web Services Patch May 2012

FedEx Web Services Patch May 2012

Use this fix to retrieve FedEx shipping rates in older versions of Magento


From May 31st 2012 FedEx are switching to a Web Service to supply live shipping rates in Magento. This means that if you’re running Magento CE1.5x or less or EE1.10.x or less, you’ll no longer be able to retrieve rates from FedEx in your store. Don’t worry just yet though – we’re here to help.

Our FedEx Shipping Fix connects up to FedEx’s Web Service to solve this issue and retrieve live rates from FedEx for users on older Magento versions.

For the fix to work you’ll need to sign up for a FedEx Web Service account. You can find details on how to do this on our ‘FedEx Shipping in Magento 1.6’ blog.

FedEx Shipping Fix is free but unsupported. We strongly recommend you purchase a support and installation package to guarantee an effortless changeover.

This fix derives from our Dimensional Shipping extension. Dimensional Shipping gives you the extra capability to add dimension values to your products and define how you package different combinations of products together for more accurate shipping rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS. If you have Dimensional Shipping installed you do not need this extension.

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